Taste of Wadadli is listed on the calendar of events for TOURISM WEEK, scheduled for December 3 – 10, 2022 under the theme One Team, One Vision.

Elements of the event

Taste of Wadadli will showcase a collection of vendors and artisans representing the best of Antiguan Cuisine and our Heritage and Culture.

Within the event will be two competition elements:

The Mixologist – As we search for the Cocktail of the Year to be served across the destination as the feature drink at all key promotional events for the destination

The Fire Pit – As we search for the hottest and most flavorful hot sauce to be presented in the year-long promotion of the destination.

Purpose of the Event

Firmly place Taste of Wadadli as a major Tourism event designed to showcase our resort chefs, restaurants and general local cuisine of the island and place our Heritage & Culture at the top of the minds of Visitors (Stayover and Cruise) and locals like.

Event details

The Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium

December 9, 2022

11:00am – 7:00pm:    Food & Cultural Fair


  • The ABHTA reserves the right to deny registration and/or participation of any vendor and/or exhibit that is deemed, in the Board’s sole discretion, to be dangerous, offensive, lewd, illegal, contrary to the public’s best interest, in violation of these terms and conditions or otherwise not conducive to a family-friendly environment.
  • Registration and space fees must be paid in full by the registration deadline – Wednesday November 15. Registration will be cancelled if not paid by the designated deadline.
  • Registration fees are inclusive of EC$100 refundable deposit. This deposit will ONLY be refunded once the vendor adheres to all details in this agreement.
  • Vendor registration will be considered final once the vendor application form is reviewed and approved.
  • A vendor may book a 10 x 10 space or 10 x 20 double space
  • All Vendors are responsible for cleaning their selling space at the close of the event. Trash receptacles will be available throughout the event.
  • Set-up MUST take place within the following designated period:
  • December 7: 10:00am – 8:00pm (Tent Set-up)
  • December 8: 10:00am – 4:00pm (Tent Set-up and placement of all branding)
  • December 9: 6:00am – 9:00am:  Final Set-up
  • Breakdown – All tents to be broken down and individual booths cleaned and cleared by 5:00pm on December 10.
  • Vendors utilizing their own tents must adhere to the following:

(1)  Tents must be one solid color, no branding

(2)  Tents can only be the colors of the National Flag of Antigua and Barbuda – Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, and White

(3)  Tents must be free of any damage or bleached in color

  • All tents will be inspected. The event organizers reserved the right to deny set-up to any vendor erecting a tent that is not keeping with the above guidelines
  • The Taste of Wadadli Event will feature a beverage vendor.  All participating and selling beverages can only sell drinks from that vendor,  The office of the ABHTA will communicate the contact details for the vendor that orders can be placed with.
  • Vendors will be notified of their location in the event no less than seven days prior to set-up day
  • All vendors shall be respectful of the attendees and other vendors.
  • Vendors may include non-profit and for-profit organizations, businesses, groups, and individuals.
  • Vendors may not sell any items other than what they have been registered to sell.