Welcome to the Bird’s Nest Tour!  The Bird’s Nest Tour is a unique excursion to popular Great Bird Island which lies three miles north-east of Antigua, in Antigua’s biggest marine park. The trip is in protected, calm waters. The island is regarded as a nature paradise destination with over 20,000 tourists visiting it annually.

The Bird’s Nest Tour is offered to customers, ages 5 and over, both non-citizens and locals alike.  Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their parents or guardian. The tour lasts for 4.5hrs.  Great Bird Island is only accessible by boat.  Our boat is 26 feet in length and can accommodate a maximum of 10 passengers at a time and, as such, because of its smaller size, it’s capable of accessing the Mangrove Creeks which larger boats cannot do.  For groups larger than 10 persons, multiple trips will be made.

The Bird’s Nest Tour commences at Shell Beach Marina and then continues on a scenic voyage in route to Great Bird Island, visiting the Fitches Creek Mangroves and then passing the many nearby North Sound Islands before arriving at Great Bird.  There are two departure times from the Marina, 9:00am and 10:30am, Mondays through Sundays.  The tour package is all-inclusive; the tour guide gives a history of the sites visited along with an explanation of the activities scheduled for the day. Once at Bird Island, these activities include marine turtle watching, snorkeling, bird watching and hiking the island’s two trails. The guests then have the remainder of the tour to enjoy relaxing and swimming on Bird Island’s three (3) beaches. Lunch is provided at the end of these activities. It includes BBQ chicken, macaroni pie, plantain, green salad and banana bread for dessert. Drinks include water, juices and rum punch. The latter, rum punch, is only available once all the activities are completed.  For those visitors with food allergies, please let us know ahead of time.

Bird Island is home to one of the rarest snakes in the world, the harmless Antigua racer snake and, more often than not, can be seen by visitors on the island.

There are two hiking trails on the island, the spectacular hilltop trail accessible by the step trail, ending at the cliff top, and also the canopy trail on the western side of the island. Proper foot attire must be worn to access the trail.

All staff are fully vaccinated.  There is a bathroom on the island along with a Warden Cabana and multiple picnic tables and shade areas.

For more information, please contact our tour desk at 727 6378 and we will arrange a tour.

The Bird’s Nest Antigua

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