The Bayside Restaurant represents the culinary diversity of an equally diverse locale. With flavorsome Caribbean cuisine, guests from near and far can enjoy Bayside by day for buffet-style breakfast and lunch; and bask in its enchanting essence with dining by night for an exquisite a la carte dinner. Indoors or on the terrace, romance abounds. Dine beneath the stars, indulge in candlelit dinners, or gaze out onto a seemingly endless blue waterscape while welcoming over the cool, sea breeze. No matter your seating preference, Bayside is the place to indulge your palate with seafood favorites like Mahi Mahi and Salmon, or other favorites such as Flank Steak and Cornish Hen-all prepared just the way you like it: grilled, seared, or poached. Savor the flavors of this delightful restaurant and toast to the distinct character of a lovely seaside eatery nestled along Antigua’s romantic Dickenson Bay.


Discover the Lombardia Region of Italy. Italian gastronomy is made up of 21 diverse regional cuisines. Mario’s draws its cooking style from the beautiful region of Lombardia, where E.A.. Mario, grandfather to the restaurant’s first authentic Italian chef, was born to a family of humble means. Growing up in a family of six in a small apartment behind his father’s barbershop, everyone in his family needed to pull their weight to get by. Mario was in charge of preparing dinner and his delicious dishes would bring his whole family together every night. Mario instilled that same sense of passion for his love of food and family into his children and grandchildren.


Discover a Calypso of Flavor. Representing the best in the rich, flavorful fare that the Caribbean is known for, guests also come to Eleanors to relax and enjoy the beauty of the ocean vistas. However, the best of Eleanors is found in the unique dishes and culinary touches the chefs employ here. Eleanors is named after 18th century Scottish noblewoman, Lady Eleanor MacDougal, who sailed to the Caribbean in search of a new life after a fall from grace in her homeland. Eleanor first landed in Antigua and slowly made her way through the Caribbean islands, picking up work as a cook and seamstress as she moved from place to place. Along the way, she wrote down the recipes she learned from local cooks in her journal. Eventually, she made her way to Jamaica, where she caught the eye of a local sugar cane plantation owner who courted and eventually married her.

Barefoot by the Sea

Discover Maritime Delights. The sandy pathways of Barefoot by the Sea add to the ambiance of this charming seaside restaurant. Located along Antigua’s famed Dickenson Bay, Barefoot is one of the few establishments you can actually show up…barefoot, digging your toes into the fluffy, white sand while enjoying delectable seafood. With the sparkling sea just steps away and spectacular vistas of the bay, cool sea breezes abound. The cuisine here is just as enticing as the charming, Caribbean vibe, presenting distinctive seafood recipes and Antiguan favorites full of savory fervor. Antiguan Crab Cake, Beef & Shrimp, Seafood Pasta, and Caribbean Lobster Thermidor – sautéed chunks of lobster tail with cream sauce, broiled with cheese and served with mashed potatoes and vegetables – are just a few of the tantalizing options that grace Barefoot’s palatable menu.

Drunken Duck

Drunken Duck – home to rustic, saloon – like décor and lively bartenders – is a great place to completely relax and enjoy customary pub fare. Offering Shepherd’s Pie, Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, and more, scrumptious pub food can be paigold with a wide range of beers, wines, spirits, and soft drinks. Inviting, with cozy seating for two or for your whole group, it’s hard to leave this place. It was the pub that first introduced the concept of the bar counter being used to serve beer. This ‘pie and pint’ pub however, brings a whole new meaning to pub life by offering a wide selection of refreshing ales including Guinness and Newcastle Brown ale, as well as time-honogold pub fare and delectable desserts all within the beautiful setting of Antigua’s enchanting joie de vivre. 


You never know what new tricks and treats the chefs have up their sleeves, possibly juggling cooking utensils, flipping a shrimp tail into their shirt pocket, or catching a shiitake mushroom in their hat. Choose from entrees that incorporate teriyaki beef, ginger-infused chicken breast, and peppery shrimp or enjoy palatable salad, soups, or beef gyozas. The unparalleled views of the surrounding Caribbean Sea are enhanced by the appetizing flavors of this place. There will be live entertainment and the perfect balance of liveliness and serenity enjoyed at Kimonos. But more than that, there will be the savory cuisine of a most magical restaurant where eating is only half the fun.


Perched over the famed Dickenson Bay, this Tex-Mex restaurant has the perfect combination of hospitality and good mood food. With one of the best Red Bean Chili Soups west of El Paso, and tasty steaks prepared in the spirit of the true south, you’ll find every main dish is served with corn on the cob, baked potato or dirty rice, coleslaw, and baked beans. Southwestern fajitas and some of the sweetest treats inspired by the southern territories of the United States also grace the palatable menu. It’s easy to find at least one thing here that everyone can enjoy.


Sample delicacies like the Orange Blossom, a guest favorite with tuna, crabmeat, and avocado rolled with salmon and topped with Tobiko, mango sauce and unagi sauce. The bar area is popular with groups, while the intimate booths create the perfect setting for a romantic evening for two. With a style as diversified as the inspiring sushi menu, the chefs at Soy are eager to present guests with the varying flavors of the Far East. They share that elegantly balanced essence through their splendid selection of daily specials, soups, sushi, sashimi, and sake.

Courtyard Bistro

Discover The New Snack Time. Bask in the warmth of the sun and sea at this courtyard eatery, a laid-back bistro. Relax and enjoy the tranquility of the nearby waves embracing the seashore and the romantic promenade setting. The bustling Courtyard Bistro accentuates Antigua’s lush surroundings as guests from all over come to take pleasure in the full-of-life charm and savory favorites offered by this enchanting bistro. The breathtaking foliage and beautiful beach are just steps away and only add to the abundant variety of flavors offered here. This beachfront paradise features charming mosaic-style bistro tables and a bustling bar with a backdrop of spectacular vistas. International and island delights such as hot dogs, French fries, sandwiches, fruit plates, salads, burgers, and patties embody the true spirit of the islands. The Courtyard Bistro is a great place to unwind while enjoying an appetizing variety of local and international snacks, a free-spirited vibe, and amazing signature cocktails!

Bella Napoli

On the surface, Bella Napoli may look like a traditional pizza place but upon closer examination, the pizza variety offered here reveals itself to be extremely unique with flavor contrasts that are sure to whet the palate of pizza lovers from around the world. Made-to-order pizza combinations range from the traditional margherita to the Calabrese and Hawaiian pizzas, all made with the same long-leavening, high-quality dough. With so many toppings to choose from, this place stays abuzz with guests vying for the opportunity to try every single pizza combination on the menu…and make up a few of their own.

Café de Paris

At Café de Paris, the social pulse of Dickenson Bay. Flowers, bright colors, and lovely patio furniture with umbrellas adorn the outside of the café. But the chic décor and romantic ambience aren’t the only things to savor at this superb café. On most mornings, there is a cool breeze in the air, making enjoying a macadamia, amaretto, hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla, or raspberry hot or chilled latte all the more sweeter. Well into the afternoon, delighting in chocolate cream puffs, crème brûlée tarts, cake, cookies and more, is enchanting.