Welcome Pastry Chefs!

We’re thrilled to announce the registration for our upcoming Pastry Chef Competition is now open. Show off your skills, creativity, and passion for pastry as you compete against some of the finest talents in the industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your unique talents and vie for the title of top pastry chef.

The victorious pastry chef of this upcoming competition will earn the prestigious opportunity to proudly join Team Antigua and Barbuda at the esteemed Taste of Caribbean event in Miami, 2024.

Register now!


  1. Each Pastry Chef entering must submit a dessert recipe with their registration entry.
  2. Pastry chefs must be employed by a member property of the Antigua Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association.
  3. Pastry Chef must hold an Antiguan and Barbudan Passport.
  4. Only One (1) Pastry Chef can register per property.
  5. Registration Closes Monday 25th March 2024.

Read More here on The Pastry Chef Competiton Rules.