The Antigua and Barbuda National Junior and Pastry Culinary Competition seeks to showcase the talent and innovation of the industrys best through gastronomic expression. There is no better way for culinarians to hone their craft than by putting their skills and knowledge to the test in a competitive format. Therefore, we are inviting all chefs to demonstrate their skills on the countrys largest brightest stage.


Junior Chef

All Junior Chefs will compete in this Mystery Basket competition.  There will be a variety of mystery baskets all chefs will be items.

1. The competition order will be determined by a drawing prior to the event. Competitors will be communicated at the orientation meeting with their start times.   

2. Each Junior Chef will be given one hour of preparation time in which to write and submit a description of their entrée dish, to do mis en place and get organized (only stocks can be cooked during the 1st hour).  Cooking, finishing and plating are to take place during the second hour.  You must be completely plated by the end of the second hour.    

3. At the assigned time the competing junior chef will be given a mystery basket containing ALL the ingredients necessary for them to produce a dish.  The community table will be open for additional items for the first hour.  Any unused items must be returned in that time.  All remaining ingredients must be used.   

4. Competitors have 2 hours time to prep and cook (1-hour prep/write menu 1-hour cook) and 10 minutes to serve the 3 plates for the judges; after that each competitor has 30 minutes to serve the 10 tasting plates and clean the kitchen area. The three (3) plates must be presented at the same time no earlier than 1 minute before the end time and no later than 5 minutes after the finish time. 

5. Junior Chefs may choose to bring their own plates for service, if not plates will be provided.  You can bring and use small ramekins or accent pieces if you wish.      

6. Any time taken after the assigned finish time will count towards a 1 point per minute penalty. After 5 minutes overtime the dish will be disqualified.

7. Junior chefs will be judged on creativity, culinary skills, sanitation practices and Caribbean flavor.

Pastry Chef Competition

1. Each Pastry Chef entering must submit a dessert recipe with their registration entry. Recipes will be in thirteen (13) portions, three of the portions will be for presentations to the judges; and must be accompanied by a high-resolution photograph.  Recipes must be received along with the registration materials. 

2. Each Pastry Chef will be given four hours to prepare and present their dessert.

3. Pastry chefs may choose to bring their own plates for service, if not plates will be provided.

4. All Pastry Chefs will be divided into two groups (due to space available in the pastry shop) and each grouping will compete simultaneously in a common kitchen. They will have access to a Pastry Shop facility.   

5. All desserts will be presented and served at the same time. If one whole dessert is produced such as a gateau, one portion must be cut and plated.

6. Desserts will be displayed to the public along with the work of the competing Chefs.

Please note that no refrigeration is available on site and you should plan accordingly. Failure to do so will cost you points.

8. All tools, ice chests or coolers, utensils, small appliances, and plates for presentation of entries will be supplied by contestants.

9. Paco Jets may not be used in this competition.

10. The use of cell phones during the competition is strictly forbidden.

First Impression (avoid the following)

  • Unattractive props and support materials.
  • Soiled or smudged serving ware.
  • Unappetizing food presentation.
  • Incorrect, misleading or unattractive descriptions.
  • Improper use of culinary terms and spelling errors in recipes.
  • Failure to comply with category requirements and judging criteria.

Presentation and Service (avoid the following)

  • Inconsistent portioning.
  • Disproportional garnishing.
  • Inedible garnishes.
  • Unappealing presentations.
  • Disproportional carvings and sculptures.
  • Inappropriate serving ware.
  • Failure to comply with category requirements.

Points will be deducted for the following infractions:

  • Sloppy cutting, cleaning and slicing.
  • Improper cooking or baking.
  • Poor workmanship, uneven layering, dry, cloudy or bubble-filled glazes and protective gels, inconsistent thickness of glazes and protective gels. sloppy or uneven piping and decorating skills.
  • Broken or damaged entries (plates, equipment, ingredients)
  • Use of artificial/ industrially processed foods.
  • Disproportional entry components/failure to provide uniform entry components where required.
  • Improper handling, care, storage and craftsmanship of materials.
  • Impractical and-feasible presentations by todays food and labor standards.
  • Poor hygienic practice, HACCP guidelines will be used as a measure of your hygienic performance during the competition.
  • Failure to comply with category requirements.

Points distribution- Tasting




Caribbean Identify and Ingredients

Taste/Texture/Flavor Balance


10 points

10 points

15 points

30 points

65 points

Points Distribution- Kitchen Mis en place

Mis en place culinary skills

Proper use of ingredients

Organization & Timeliness


5 points

5 points

5 points

15 points

Points Distribution Floor /Cooking Station

Culinary Skills and Cooking Technique

Organization & Timing

Sanitation & Station Left Clean for Next Person


10 points

5 points

5 points

20 points

Please click the appropriate link for the Competition Registration Forms:

Junior Chef

Pastry Chef Competition

Terms and Conditions

  1. All Participants MUST BE CITIZENS of Antigua and Barbuda, with the ability to travel.
  2. Competing Chefs must be an employee of a member Resort/Restaurant of the Antigua and Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association – ABHTA.
  3. A copy of your passport BIO PAGE must be submitted along with your registration form.
  4. All Jr Chef Competitors must be 21 and Under and cannot be celebrating their 22nd birthday before August 15th, 2020.
  5. All competitors will be required to supply their own utensils and small Appliances.
  6. Registration Fee EC$150.00 per Competitor.
  7. Deadline for Submission of entry is March 10, 2020
  8. Registration forms to be submitted to the ABHTA Office

Antigua Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association

Island House, Newgate Street

St. John’s, Antigua

Email: Call: 462.0374/4928