Wednesday December 8, 2021, Antigua and Barbuda: At only seventeen years old, Hughon David is a very inspiring young man. In March 2021 he faced the most devastating loss of his dad, Hughon David Snr, a Police Officer in the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, from complications associated with Covid-19. This huge loss was before he was set to face his first great academic challenge – CSEC. Although encouraged to take a year off to come to grips with his loss, Hughon decided to press on, knowing very well that his dad would have wanted him to.

Hughon recalls moments in his childhood when his mom would teach him how to cook, this was as young as eight years old however, he notes that it was not until spending his formative years with his dad, that he really began to cook and harness his skill. He remembers his first dish being curried lobster. With a little help from YouTube, he recalls creating a masterpiece.

With the early lessons from mom and dad and a love for Food and Nutrition during his years at the Antigua Grammar School, Hughon’s interest in the study of Culinary Art was born.

Today as a high school graduate, although Hughon knew what he wanted to study, he was unsure of his next step. He recalls his recent journey by explaining “A few months ago I visited the clinic to get my Covid-19 shot after the Pfizer became available. It was a difficult discussion at the clinic because I was only seventeen and had no parental consent. I explained that my dad had passed, and my mom migrated. It was only with a caring conversation from Senator Govia that I not only got the vaccine but also learned of the ABHTA scholarship to attend the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training School. Sadly, I did not qualify because the ABHTA does not offer scholarships for the study of Culinary Arts only Resort, Hospitality and Tourism Management. I was nonetheless asked to submit my application and essay and advised that they would consider once my CSEC results were out. Fast forward to today and I am very grateful to the ABHTA for listening to my story and giving me this opportunity.”

Hughon is also thankful for his family, his elder sister and younger brother with whom he lives and his church family at the Bethel Gospel Hall in particular Ms. Peecheeta Spencer for keeping him grounded and nurtured throughout his journey. Hughon remarked that “keeping God at the center of my life has brought me this far and I am looking forward to my future and this new experience at the ABHTI. The teachers have been so helpful and kind and I am so happy”.

Hughon is now a student of the ABHTI pursuing a degree in Culinary Arts with the generous contribution of the Tourism Development Fund and contributors Curtain Bluff, Hermitage Bay, Galley Bay Resort and Spa, Sugar Ridge, Jumby Bay Island and Blue Waters Resort & Spa.

Best of luck Hughon, from all of us here at the ABHTA! We are looking forward to following your journey.