Hospitality Workers are at the frontline of Vaccination Process

Setting the pace for the bounce back of the sector

Monday March 15, 2020; Antigua and Barbuda – Over two thousand (2,000) Hospitality professionals across Antigua and Barbuda to include Hotel workers, Tour Operators, Restaurant and Retail employees have been on the frontline of the vaccination process this past week.

The Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment, with the support of the Antigua and Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association organized vaccinations for members of the Association serving at the frontline of tourism services for the destination.

Mr. Alex de Brito Chairman of the ABHTA stated that “It is of utmost importance for us to protect our employees. Our industry cannot survive without their dedication, hard work and commitment to seeing the Industry bounce back. With so many already taking the step towards vaccination, we are confident that our destination will have a positive image in the international travel media. Our message is definitely one that promotes the safety of our destination and the commitment that the Government has shown in reviving the economy of Antigua and Barbuda and getting us beyond the grips of the pandemic.”

Shelana George, Residence Coordinator at Jumby Bay Island commented that “In this line of work, we meet tourists from all over the world, so it was important for me to take the vaccine, to protect myself, my family and others from contracting or spreading the virus. As the saying goes “Tourism is Everybody’s Business” and my business is to ensure our guests have a memorable stay while remaining safe. I would like to thank the Ministry of Health and Jumby Bay for ensuring the staff received the vaccine.”

Rachel Browne, General Manager of Hermitage Bay was excited at the process stating that “At Hermitage Bay, we are pleased that the majority of our staff have opted to receive their vaccination and we thank the government for placing our employees at the forefront of this process. Rest assured that we will remain committed to the continued compliance of all Health and Safety protocols as we place all hands on deck to ensure our nation and our economy bounces back even better than ever!”

The vaccination of Hospitality professionals could not have been possible without the support of the Honourable Molwyn Joseph, The Honourable Charles Fernandez, Dr. Rhonda Sealey-Thomas and the team at the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment, Senator Shenella Govia and the vaccination rollout team.