Dear hospitality professional.  Thank for your interest in our Christmas Care Packages.

To qualify

  1. Must have worked in the hospitality sector
  2. Must be currently unemployed whether part-time or full time
  3. You must have been employed in the Industry up to March 1, 2020
  4. You must have been severed from employment at any period between March – December 2020


The attached application must be completed ONLINE ONLY by December 11, 2020.  A copy of your letter of severance must be uploaded to the application.  Applications will be reviewed and once approved; you will be contacted for distribution. Kindly ensure that your application is received in a timely manner as there are a limited number of packages available.

Important Information:

  • Kindly note that applications are to be completed online only.  Applications will not be accepted at the of office of the ABHTA.
  • Incomplete applications will not be short listed for packages
  • There are a limited number of packages available
  • Call 462.0374 with any inquiries between the hours of 8am – 12:00pm