Antigua and Barbuda – November 8, 2023: The Antigua & Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association takes great pleasure in introducing this week’s spotlight, Andre Friday. As the son of the late Dennis Friday, Esq., Andre embodies the spirit of his father’s legacy, living by the motto “Always on time with a smile. No job too big or too small.”

With a career spanning over three decades, Andre Friday embarked on his journey as a tour operator, taxi driver, and entrepreneur, drawing inspiration from the profound influence of his late father, one of Antigua & Barbuda’s most esteemed taxi and tour operators.

Growing up under his father’s guidance, Andre had the unique privilege of accompanying him on countless tours, witnessing firsthand the genuine and heartfelt connections his father fostered with tourists and guests. It was this interaction, coupled with his father’s passion for showcasing the beauty of Antigua & Barbuda, that fueled Andre’s desire to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Today, Andre Friday is the Vice President of the Antigua and Barbuda St. John’s Taxi Association and Manager, Proprietor, and Entrepreneur of Dre’s Bus & Luxury Car Service, a business dedicated to providing a personalized and luxurious travel experience. At Dre’s, the emphasis is on tailoring each trip to meet the individual needs and desires of the clients. Whether it’s a meeting at the client’s home, a cozy coffee shop, or a relaxed conversation over a glass of wine in a lounge, Dre’s Bus & Luxury Car Service ensures that every aspect of the journey is uniquely designed. As a proud native of Antigua & Barbuda, hailing from the village of All Saints, St. Paul’s, Andre Friday is also an alumnus of St. Joseph’s Academy.

Mr. Friday holds a positive outlook on the future of Cruise Tourism, especially as Antigua eagerly awaits the arrival of its first Oasis-class ship for the upcoming winter season. His message to those contemplating a career in the hospitality industry is to consider only if your aim is to enter with unwavering optimism and a profound commitment to delivering unparalleled service.