Monday May 8, 2023, Antigua and Barbuda: The Antigua & Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association presented its 3rd edition of the Professional Learning Series in March – April 2023 with three courses: Executive & Supervisor Housekeeping Certification Course (March 7th & 8th), Wedding Planner Consultant & Coordinator Certification Course (April 5th & 6th) and Purchasing & Cost Control Management Certification Course (April 18th & 19th).

Executive & Supervisor Housekeeping Certification Course

The two-day Executive & Supervisor Housekeeping Certification Course facilitated by Ms. Patricia Tully focused on Executive Housekeepers and Supervisors in understanding their roles, responsibilities, and leadership capabilities! Topics were covered on work ethics, budgeting, the role of the housekeeping department, Professionalism and more.

Chyanne Maile, Housekeeping Coordinator at the Blue Waters Resort & Spa remarked “The team behind the Executive and Supervisor certification course were nothing short of exemplary. The Antigua & Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association facilitators are second to none in their pursuit to enrich sector contributors with the components necessary for hospitality excellence.” Chyanne also added, “The course provided participants with concentrated yet relevant information to fortify each participant with knowledge to avoid and hedge erroneous behaviors while carrying out their designated duties. I gained a lot from that experience having participated in the two-day session. I have a renewed commitment to an improved work ethic, professionalism, the functions of my department and my role as a housekeeping coordinator.”

Wedding Planner Consultant & Coordinator Certification Course 

The Wedding Planner Course was facilitated by Ms. Danielle Andrews, co-founder of The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC). Danielle has over 30 years of experience in the Wedding business and has also conducted Wedding co-ordinator and Design & Event planner workshops in many countries, such Turkey, UK, USA, South America, Greece, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda etc. This course presented the opportunity for participants to learn the art of being a successful Wedding Co-ordinator and Consultant.

Jodie Hastings, Events and Local Business Coordinator at the Carlisle Bay Resort remarked, “This initiative allowed me to not only sharpen my existing skills in the areas of organization, but also gain additional firsthand theoretical knowledge and insight into the intricacies of the Wedding and Event Planning Industries. Since the course completion, I have been provided with the needed materials in functioning in my daily role. Jodie also stated, “Ms. Andrews was engaging and truly knowledgeable. The entire course content include video tutorials, testimonials, and printable materials, were instrumental to ensure that our comprehension of the wedding industry was the primary objective for us to become certified wedding & event planners.”

Purchasing & Cost Control Management Certification Course

The Purchasing & Cost Control Management Course facilitated by Shabera Jacobs, taught business professionals within the service industry about food, beverage, labour and other cost control standards and standard procedures relating to the food service operations. This course also informed participants on the methods and procedures required to guard against excessive costs and to maximize profit within a business.

Shabera Jacobs remarked “While the course is designed for persons in the Hotel and Restaurant sectors, desirous of improving their cost control skills, participants from other sectors were also in attendance and were eager to learn. The course covered all the phases of the cost control cycle from purchasing to production. General accounting processes were also explained, and this acted as a foundation for participants and added a layer of knowledge. Participants expressed gratitude for a successful initiative – one that they found meaningful and applicable toward their various work functions. Some referred to the teaching style as being ‘thorough, easy to understand and motivating.’ The success of the course was further evident in the request by many participants to extend the course or to have further sessions in the near future.”

The ABHTA will continue to present series of courses for the professional development of individuals within the Service Industry. The Professional Learning courses will vary from beginners to advanced. For more information on the training department at the ABHTA, please contact Ms. Anthea Watkins at


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