December 7, 2023, Antigua and Barbuda: The Antigua & Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association recently hosted the Supervisory Management Leadership Development Course, successfully closing the ABHTA Professional Learning Series of 2023.

The 8-week Virtual Supervisory Management Leadership Development Course, led by Ms. Shirlene Nibbs, empowered Supervisors and Managers to navigate the skills and behaviors essential for self-management and cultivating high-performing teams. Ms. Nibbs addressed key challenges faced by supervisors and managers, providing insights on how to overcome these hurdles. The course encompassed leadership elements, communication strategies, relationship management, personal development, performance management, and more.

For the final assignment, participants were tasked with selecting an organization and assessing its current leadership. The assignment required attendees to present suggestions and recommendations on how a change in leadership approach could transform the organization, making it more effective.

Monica Thwaites, Accounts Supervisor of Caribbean Water Treatment Ltd. And attendee of the Supervisory Course shared her feedback, “I must say that I enjoyed the class which was very informative and insightful. The most outstanding session was dealing with “Conflict Resolution”. My keen take-away from Ms. Nibbs was that not all conflict is bad for lack of a better term and that conflict is good. It’s the approach used that allows for the desired outcome you wish to achieve.”

Ms. Shirlene Nibbs remarked, “Facilitating this session was engaging, energizing and an opportunity to  push my talents to the ultimate heights.  The approach of weekly sessions of 4 hours was a first but it can be deemed a success as so much was learnt by the participants from each other and myself.  The mix of participants from various sectors of Hospitality and supporting businesses made it an unforgettable experience.”

The ABHTA remains committed to offering a range of courses for the ongoing professional development of individuals in the Service Industry. Our Professional Learning courses cater to both beginners and advanced professionals. For further details about the training department at the ABHTA, please reach out to Ms. Anthea Watkins at