Antigua and Barbuda, November 21, 2023 – Joyan Davis Baptiste, once characterized as shy and introverted, has transformed herself into a shining example of exceptional customer service in the hospitality sector. With a career trajectory that has seen her evolve from various roles, Joyan currently holds the esteemed position of Senior Reservations Clerk & Duty Manager at Tropical Adventures Antigua, a testament to her dedication and growth within the industry.

Joyan’s journey began with a foundation of sound mentorship and support that propelled her into the frontline of the hospitality industry. From her humble beginnings as a waitress to diverse roles such as entertainment coordinator, jewelry clerk, gift shop attendant, and guest services representative, each step in her career contributed to the development of her vibrant personality. Throughout this evolution, Joyan thrived on the encouragement she received from both her managers and guests, shaping her into the professional she is today.

Crediting her success to those who challenged her to surpass her own expectations, Joyan recognizes the pivotal roles played by influential figures in her career. From the spotlight as an entertainment coordinator, guided by the encouragement of her then-manager Garilyn Reis, to the recent influence of the late Pia Baptiste at Tropical Adventures, Joyan acknowledges the significant impact of these strong women in shaping her rise within the hospitality industry.

As she continues to excel in her role, Joyan looks ahead to a promising future, where she aims to further shape guest experiences and create memorable moments for visitors to Antigua and Barbuda. Her enthusiasm for the opportunities that lie ahead reflects a commitment to making a lasting and positive contribution to the hospitality sector.

The Antigua & Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association (ABHTA) proudly recognizes Joyan Davis Baptiste’s journey and commitment to excellence. Through its “Unveiling Hospitality Professionals” series, the association endeavors to inspire the next generation of professionals aspiring to occupy pivotal positions in the dynamic and rewarding field of hospitality.