Terms of Use

Limitations of Liability:

The platform of Reserve My Tours being used for the booking of Taste of Wadadli and Wa-Omoni functions as a ticket sales and information outlet for tours, excursions, and rentals. As such our role ends with ticket sales and supporting information. We have no legal or otherwise responsibility or control over the provisions of items listed for sales.
All necessary insurances, processes, mitigants against loss or damage to property or the guest(s) person is the sole responsibility of the tour. Any litigation, suit or action for remedies (included but not limited to the foregoing) the guest(s) agrees will be taken solely against the operator/owner of the tour.
The guest(s) further agree to hold harmless jointly and severally Reserve My Tours and its owners, affiliates, event organizers, suppliers, advertisers & sponsors or any other party not expressly listed. The guest(s) will not bring any suit, case or action against the afore mentioned for any loss damage, injury to person or property from engaging the activity of choice for which they purchased a booking via our site www.reservemytours.com or any and all affiliated links.
Without limiting the foregoing, the guest(s) expressly acknowledge and agree that we will have no liability or responsibility whatsoever for (a) necessary insurances by operators for which we advertise, (b) personal injury or property damage of any nature whatsoever while engaging in the activity of choice (c) any errors, mistakes, inaccuracies or omissions in any content, or (d) any lost, stolen or damaged tickets, or the failure of a venue to honor a ticket or confirmation of tour or event.
Where a tour or any service we advertise becomes unavailable we will do our best to find a similar tour for the guest(s) needs, however we make no guarantee(s) for the quality, pricing changes or similarity of available tours.
Cancellations, Refunds and Charge Back Disputes:

Cancellations and refunds will be per the terms of the tour. Chargeback disputes will be resolved by thetour reserved.
Acts of God: including but not limited to storms, flooding etc. as well as acts of government or war which cause a tour to be cancelled will be handled by the terms and conditions of the tour reserved.
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