Pearns Point New Home to the World’s Elite


Last April Orange Limited, the developer of Pearns Point, organized a grand opening event on site to make some major announcements about the 300 million US dollar project. Over 300 dignitaries and guests were present to show their support and hear about the coming of the luxurious Setai Hotel and Resort, which has chosen Pearns Point, Antigua as their next project destination. The setting was stunning: clear views of the Caribbean Sea and the best location to watch the spectacular Pearns Point Round Antigua Race, which was sponsored by Orange Limited.

Orange Limited’s chairman, His Excellency Mr. Albert Hartog was also proud to announce positive progress in major sales to the Rothschild family and other notable clients, and the start of the infrastructure to be built.

Six months later, the construction of the infrastructure is well underway. Five large containers of materials arrived in May, worth almost 3 million US dollars. Orange Limited has made it a policy to employ local workers to build the roads, electric lines, sewage, etc. Over 40 local workers are currently employed on the site while OBMI and C.O. Williams are overseeing the progress. The infrastructure is expected to be operational by end of 2016.

The Setai founding brothers Jonathan and Michael Breene have been visiting the island and making themselves familiar with the beauty and culture of Antigua. There have been extensive discussions with world class designers about how to shape the 5+ star resort on Pearns Point and the first ideas look spectacular already. We are hoping to release the names of the designers soon as well as the first design concepts. A great start with a fantastic international dream team!
Announcement The Setai-Orange Limited Partnership (Small)Signing of the partnership. Hon. Gaston Browne Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Mr. Albert Hartog Chairman of Orange Limited and Mr. Jonathan Breene CEO of The Setai.

Since the opening event in April, Pearns Point has been topping international press. The best high-end real estate journalists have been raving about Pearns Point and Antigua in several newspapers like the UK’s Daily Telegraph, The Times and the Evening Standard. Lately, Pearns Point has been written about in the UK’s Country Life and WealthX.

The Marketing and Sales team has been promoting the project at international property exhibitions and international residence and CIP summits in London and Dubai. International interest in this prestigious jewel of the Caribbean has been soaring as Pearns point will be ‘shared by few and rivalled by none’.


Aerial shot of Pearns Point

Additionally, Orange Limited is dedicated to continuing the supportive relationship with the local community and the government of Antigua and Barbuda. The company has actively sponsored Antigua’s Sailing Week, the Antigua Rotary Club, the Friends of the Care project, a local football club and the national Police Week. Orange Limited will fulfill its promise to dedicate 1% of all gross sales to local charities.

About Orange Limited – Company profile
Orange Limited is a luxury property development company based in Antigua and Barbuda. Established in 2000, it focuses mainly on the development of the Pearns Point peninsula and the Jolly Harbour area, located on the beautiful west coast of Antigua.

The company was originally established by Dutch entrepreneur and Chairman Mr. Albert Hartog and his two partners, Mr. René Boon and Mr. Ben de Jonge. Today, the company has a small but dedicated team in Antigua and strong ties with the local business community and the government.

Pearns Point is the main development, featuring a pristine peninsula of 137 acres and 67 plots. The project boasts a secluded and private location, but with access to all amenities like shops, restaurants and a marina. Pearns Point is often featured as one of the top real estate developments in the Caribbean by esteemed international property press. Recently Orange Limited proudly announced a partnership with The Setai Hotel and Resort in Miami to build a five star resort and fully serviced suites and cottages. This is an alliance that will lift the development to the absolute best in the world.

Orange Limited takes pride in its company values, such as respect for the community and the environment, sustainability and renewable energy, honest entrepreneurship and dedication to excellence. The company supports Antigua’s people and country by donating a percentage of the sales towards charities.

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