Elite Island Resorts launches additions to its “Inside and Out” resort well-being activities

Elite Island Resorts Group, a collection of beachfront resorts in the Caribbean, launched new fitness and mindfulness options to its growing menu featuring free of charge well-being activities for guests.  The group was the first in the Caribbean to introduce mobile free beaches in all resorts across Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados, BVIs and the Grenadines in 2007, and launched weekly wireless silent beach cinema in 2014.  Resort activities schedules already include daily yoga, hiking and watersports, all included in the price of a stay.

The new, free of charge additions to the “Inside and Out”  well-being activities menu, launched at St James’s Club & Villas and Galley Bay Resort & Spa Antigua in October 2016 and additional locations from January 2017, will be added to the daily activities schedule given to guests on check in. They are:

  • Caribbean Float Fit HIIT & Sunset Floating Yoga in partnership with Aquaphysical’s innovative Aquabase mats – A Fitness “first” in the Caribbean exclusive to Elite Island Resorts locations: The Caribbean floatfit® class is a 30 minute HIIT workout including burpees, lunges, squats, mountain climbers, the plank…. all on the oceans surrounding our Elite Island Resorts Group’s locations.  This low impact, cross training class gives a fun full body workout, and incorporates isometric exercises like the plank, plyometric exercises like burpees and stretching. It can be modified to include any land-based routine including yoga.  Classes are available for sign up daily
  • The Caribbean Colour Me Calm Club – A bespoke colouring book featuring views and landmarks at Elite Island Resorts locations created by Puffin illustrator Adam Stower with additional easy beach and at home mindfulness techniques by Existential psychotherapist Nicole Gehl. The book is available to all guests during their stay and to take home, with “ink and drink” sunset sessions with colouring materials available daily. A good colouring session has been linked to relieving stress and anxiety, with mind and body syncing making it an easy meditative process. It is believed that Carl Jung was a big fan of art therapy and used colouring as a technique for relaxation in the early 1900s.
  • Additional 4 Day Mindfulness Colouring and Sketch Club Workshops with Adam Stower in residence: Adam will next be in residence for a more in-depth workshop in August 2017 (see Elite Island Resorts website for details)
  • A Smart Sun Protection Guide and bespoke face mapping by Ultrasun: Correct sun protection is in the news again following the release of updated NICE guidelines and Elite Island Resorts has partnered with Ultrasun to ensure the right UVA and UVB filter level products are available at resorts. A free Smart Sun guide for all guests will be available at resort store, and store staff will be able to correctly match skin types to the right product for safe sun enjoyment. Ultrasun products will be exclusively available only at Elite Island Resorts.

Paula Whitehead, European MD, Elite Island Resorts, said:From the launch of our mobile free beaches 8 years ago, we add ideas that encourage guests to maintain or begin well-being habits on holiday that benefit them long after their stay with us. We always do this in a way that allows them to pick and choose how and when without that boot camp vibe.  Our new additions exclusive to Elite Island Resorts, Caribbean Colour Me Calm Club, Ultrasun Smart Sun service and Aquabase’s innovative floating workout, make it even easier for guests to take care of mind and body during their stay”