New $450 Million Resort Project for Barbuda

Another major new project, this one called Gravenor Bay — has been announced for the island of Barbuda.

The $450 million project on the southern tip of the island will be built in seven phases, providing a total of 1,100 jobs in the construction and permanent phases, according to Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Minister Asot Michael.

More crucially, the project will be “fully environmentally sustainable,” Michael said — that means a total reliance on solar energy.

The project will begin with a phase called “Genesis,” with ground breaking set to begin as soon as government approvals have been received.

The Genesis phase is slated for completion with an 18-month timeframe; it will include a solar field, a helipad, a reception area, a spa, a gym and wellness center, a pool, four two-bedroom cottages and six one-bedroom cottages, all of which will have individual pools.

The second phase of the project will include two hotels: one with 160 rooms and a smaller, boutique property with 80 rooms.

Gravenor Bay’s third phase will include an additional 140 villas.

Later phases will include a 126 berth marina, a signature golf course and even, in a sign of Antigua’s increasing pivot toward ultra luxury, a polo sports field.